Team Solutions is a reliable, service- oriented, multi-talented, creative Dental Laboratory with decades of combined dental experience.

From the moment we receive your impression, to the time you receive your completed case, our highly skilled staff pays close attention to every detail. Our staff is dedicated to providing outstanding client service and an exceptional product, a case leaves our laboratory only after it has met or exceeded the high-quality standards that our owners have set.

Team Solutions Dental Laboratory specializes in crowns, bridges, partials, implants, custom abutments and mouth guards; using both CadCam technology and Classic dental technique.

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust and would be honored to become part of your Team.

It is our commitment to be the best Solution for your dental office needs.

Vision Statement:

A world of perfect synergy between the Dental Practice, the Dental Patient, the Restorative Services Organization, and Industry Manufacturers.

Mission Statement:

To provide the greatest experience possible to the Dental Practice, through the unique fusion of: Advanced Technology, Classical work ethic and fundamentals, and an unstoppable, relentless, proactive, consultative, service offering.

Organizational Values:

  • Exercise integrity in all dealings
  • Offer services with exceptional value proposition
  • Be a good citizen of the community – charity and stewardship
  • Produce a product or service that creates justifiable pride and enthusiasm
  • Compete vigorously and ethically – deserve victory
  • Work to improve all stakeholders – growth, learning, financial development
  • Combine technical expertise with an absolute service commitment
  • Reward commitment at all levels
  • Generate respect for the industry and our team as professionals
  • Practice differentiation: reward contribution/results – not potential or effort

Team Member Culture and values:

  • Be passionate!
  • Build a positive team spirit!
  • Deliver over the top service!
  • Create fun and character!
  • Embrace change!
  • Be adventurous, creative and open-minded!
  • Build open and honest relationships through communication!
  • Find a way, face the challenge!


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