Team Solutions Dental works with you in providing your patient with a restoration that is created from quality material and proven high standard processes, resulting in a restoration that is Aesthetically Beautiful and of High Quality.

Our team of dedicated technicians strive to stay informed on new innovations and ahead of industry trends, providing you with the best product.
We strive for transparency.

Our Client Service Team is available to answer all of your technical questions, as well as, providing you with laboratory findings. Your case will go through an initial review upon arriving at our lab, if there is a question, you will be called that same day.

As your case moves through the production cycle, we will call you immediately with any technical recommendations, so that you can make the best decision for your patient.

We provide one to one consultations upon request. Custom shading for your patient is provided by our Porcelain Technicians. We guaranty that your case will be delivered on time or it is free. Rush cases are never an issue.

Our team is ready to serve you with all of your dental restoration needs.

Let’s collaborate today on how to increase your competitive advantage and provide your patients with the best restorations that are right for them.