Going Digital

We can help you find the right solutions to move for your practice forward.


  • What are the costs of a scanner?
  • Which scanner is right for my practice?
  • What kind of training will I get?
  • How will this benefit my patients?
  • What are the restorative options?
  • What are my lab choices?
  • Will I get a return on my investment?

Benefit from our experience, we help you find the answers.

Digital is the future –but is the time right for you?

We provide insight into the expanding world of digital dentistry – trends and techniques, new methods and ways to integrate them into your everyday procedures with our ruining the workflows and procedures you already have.



Which solution fits your needs?

Nearly every digital capture device scans and produces a nice image on your screen, but not all have the same capabilities, the differences are staggering, and unknown until you have made the purchase!

Team Solutions works with every commercially available scanner, we know what works – and what doesn’t

Don’t make the same mistakes. We will help you find the right solutions for you and your practice.

Common mishaps we can help you avoid:

A DR. calls us to announce they have ‘make the leap’ and have a digital impression system. They are excited and eager to begin using it and seeing the advantages – EXCEPT

  • The system they chose is not compatible with some software
  • The workflow is not what they were expecting
  • The limitation of the specific system they bought do not allow for larger cases, or implants, or orthodontics, etc


Digital Dentistry is more than just a scanner

Growing your practice by going digital

Discover the digital advantages for your practice

  • Makes your practice more efficient
  • More accurate restorations
  • Better patient experience
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Real time communication
  • Enhanced case consultations
  • Expanded products offerings
  • Attracting new patients & growing your practice

If you are ‘just’ looking to replace impression material with a digital scan, you won’t be getting the full value from going digital.


Teamwork and Support

We are here to help throughout the process, you are not alone!

  • We assist you in deciding if digital is right for you, right now.
  • We help you select and acquire the best scanner for your needs.
  • We deliver, install the system, and train your staff.
  • We support you through your first few cases ensuring all the settings and parameters are giving you the results you need.
  • We help you diversify and expand your offerings to maximize the benefits of going digital.
  • We assist with unique marketing campaigns designed to help you inform, educate and encourage both your existing patients.

Team Solutions Dental Lab

On any new journey, you want experts there handing the variables for you. Team Solutions is the most advanced digital lab in the area. Every fixed case is produced with digital workflow. The only thing new to this equation is you!

TS clinical support team

Some of the most highly regarded experts in the field make up the clinical support team, available to come to your office and install, train, configure and streamline your digital workflow.

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