Full Guided Surgery Services

Team Solutions has been recognized as the premier Implant Laboratory in the region for some time now. This month we completed certification in the most advanced surgical planning software on the market: 360DPS.

As the newest 360 Imaging Certified Lab we are now able to provide the most advanced and comprehensive suite of surgical planning and guided surgery components available anywhere.

How it works

Starting with the CT scan output (DICOM file), and a model scan (performed in the laboratory from your impression) or intraoral scan, we ‘marry up’ those digital files and produce a highly accurate planning tool. We will provide you with a free, HIPAA compliant file transfer tool. We are then able to provide complex surgical reports and virtually ‘place’ specific implants from any system (open architecture). We provide you with the ability to review and refine that placement, and sign off on the plan. Then we fabricate highly accurate surgical guides that are specific to the surgical kit you use and the specific implant to be placed.

teeth xray
glass mouth

What this means for you

The benefits of executing case planning in this manner are many:

  • High level of predictability: The implants go where you intend based upon all relevant factors, and take into consideration the restorative position, dimension and quality of bone, and tissue management.
  • Restorative driven: The implant position considers the exact location and type of final prosthetic
  • Highly efficient: The precision fit and guides greatly reduce the time required to place implants
  • Simplified surgery: less invasive methods can be used such as tissue punch rather than flapping the bone, allowing the patient to heal faster and experience less post-surgical discomfort
  • Liability: A comprehensive surgical report and properly utilized guide are the first line of defense if there is a liability issue, and is often the first question asked by case reviewers

Call today for a demonstration or to have the free software installed in your office! 407-542-1552

Full Guided Surgery Services