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Providing Dentists with Innovative Technology

Dental Laboratories have a rich history that spans over a century of development. In the past 10 years, however, that development has catapulted forward. The past decade has seen more innovation and technology than the previous half a century!

The introduction of Cad/Cam manufacturing and digital case planning and design has transformed the nature of the business. Methods and tools today are dramatically different from years past.

Some labs have resisted that change, and others have “straddled the fence’ between technology and the legacy systems that served us so well for the preceding 50 years (and sometimes beyond – lost wax casting predates the roman empire). Neither of these approaches are advisable, and the labs attempting them are struggling to maintain their relevance (or simply ceasing to exist).

When we opened Team Solutions in 2013, we made a conscious decision to embrace the technologies of the future and ‘let go’ of the legacy systems. We did not ‘let go’ of the people and the knowledge, in fact half our technical team has 2 decades or more of lab experience! We opened as a ‘fully digital’ lab the first of its kind in the Orlando area.

From our genesis we used digital procedures and cad/cam manufacturing methods. We started with a single scanner and a single mill.

Today our arsenal of cutting edge technology includes 3 different types of model scanning, and the ability to receive digital impressions from all of the major brands of intraoral scanners (Trios, Cadent/Itero, Cerec, Planscan, Truedefinition, Carestream). Our manufacturing systems include a row of mills capable of milling wax, PMMA, PEEK, zirconia and titanium. We further bolstered our tech manufacturing with 3d printing which allows us to rapid prototype wax and resin with accuracy as high as 10 microns.

Our 5 different design softwares allow us to digitally engineer crowns, bridges, veneers, partial frames, implant abutments and bars, surgical guides and screw retained prostheses. By incorporating CT scan data with intraoral scans or our model scanning, we can design and fabricate exceedingly accurate implant placement guides.

Even laboratory management and operations have been systematically modernized, as our Lab Management System software fuses Case tracking, invoicing, scheduling, client metrics and accounting.

All of this technology represents a tremendous investment of capital, training, maintenance, updates and licenses. We accept all of these costs because they enable us to produce the work faster, more accurately and with better cost controls than ever possible before.
In short, we do all of this for your office, and for your patients.