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Team Solution’s technology upgrades and Enhancements

Team Solutions is constantly upgrading and enhancing the services as well as the technologies we utilize. We regularly test new technologies in cooperation with our manufacturing suppliers to ensure that the best products reach the market as well as our lab floor. Just a few of our recent additions include:

3-D Printing

BEGO’s new Varseo 3D printing system offers eight different high performance resins that can be changed from one job to the next in less than 30 seconds.

Varseo is engineered to produce highly accurate splints, surgical guides, CAD/Cast partial frames and C&B patterns, as well as custom impression trays, denture bases, models and temporary crowns and bridges.

  • Created specifically for dental applications
  • Eight printing solutions
  • USP cartridge system reportedly allows material change within 30 seconds
  • Ejector system is engineered to eliminate distortion
  • Designed to provide the highest possible construction speed



In the 21st century you want everything faster and better. So do we! When fabricating thermoform appliances, Team Solutions utilizes the Erkoform 3d™ with Occluform-3® this automated unit is designed to thermoform and imprint the opposing bite. With reserve vacuum and preprogrammed settings, this advanced unit gives fantastic accuracy and consistency—fast!!


inEos-X5.-High-precisioninEos X5. High precision

inEos X5 was developed by Sirona according to the highest quality standards for optical measuring systems and after a short period of time already established on the market as the reference scanner. inEos X5 ensures greatest accuracy for all dental technician digitalization work – from the palate to the tip of the scanbody.

The inEos X5 ensures precise digital registration of all indication types with its robot arm, unique 5-axis scanning technology combined with large working area. Preparations are clearly visible.



Milling technology has evolved dramatically over the past decade, and one of the most advanced mills available anywhere is the Ceramill Motion 2 5-axis wet and dry processing in one machine – the Ceramill Motion 2 enables laboratories to keep control over quality and turnaround of the digital prosthetic in the laboratory.

Able to mill plastic, zirconia, wax, titanium, chrome cobalt and PEEK with incredible precision and speed, the Motion 2 is a great tool to give you the best results.



Milling: Roland DWX-51D

The next generation of dry milling.

The DWX-51D is the latest update to the DWX-50, which became the leading dry-milling machine in the U.S market in 2014. It encompasses technological advancements and a 5-axis system that maximizes performance and ease of use. The DWX-51D is compatible with 98.5mm discs and is capable of milling zirconia, PMMA, PEEK, composite resin, wax, and gypsum. This versatile mill is also capable of milling up to 9 pin-type blocks simultaneously.


Porcelain Ovens

At Team Solutions Dental we know consistency and costs matter to you. We leverage technology – not to replace people – but to enhance consistency and reduce costs.

It is essential to have very consistent firing of hand layered ceramic
Our newest oven, the ‘Ivoclar Programat 510’, has an integrated infrared thermal camera to adjust its program for consistent results, regardless of individual differences in restorations or technicians.

It even has a video touchscreen synced to our network, allowing ceramists to view your emailed photos—on the oven while working on your cases!
We invest in the best technologies, because you deserve nothing less!