Chad Holman

Chad began his career in Dental Technology in 1991 at TLC Dental Lab in Orlando Florida. He studied under the top technicians in Orlando, Jim Cason and Bill Layman. Chad rose from an apprentice trainee position to managing the Fixed Crown and Bridge and Implant Departments.

Chad is frequently consulted by implant companies and clinicians, to collaborate on complicated cases. He has always maintained an ‘open-door’ policy for new clinical reps to come to the lab and sit bench-side to better understand the laboratory role in implant restoration.

Chad often travels to the dental offices to sit chairside or consult on complex cases. His laid back demeanor and sincere commitment to ‘getting it done right no matter what’ have made him the ‘go-to’ person for many clinical reps as well as clinicians in central Florida.

When not at the lab, Chad enjoys riding motocross, going to the beach and social events with friends and family.