Our Story

If you have ever seen the movie ‘Jerry Maguire’, you have a pretty good idea how Team Solutions came to be. Unfortunately there were no catchy one liners like “Show me the money!” or “You had me at Hello”, so it will probably not be turned into a major motion picture anytime soon.  I also did not stand in the middle of the company I worked for holding a goldfish in one hand, pleading “Who’s coming with me?”

Other than those clever images, the story unfolds much like the opening of the movie:  A successful corporate executive questions the way business is done in his industry and asks – can’t we do better than this?

I grew up in my father’s dental lab. He vigorously urged me to leave dental technology, ‘work with your head not your hands’, but the industry already had its hold over me and I came back to it more than once.  After 15 years in the family lab, I was invited by a large corporate lab group to take over labs that were struggling and put them back on the right path. It was fascinating work; seeing how labs succeed and failed and what causes each. I built many lasting friendships with people from all over the industry...