Jason DeFranco

Jason grew up in his father’s dental lab, helping to clean plaster traps and impression trays before he was 10. Early on in his career Jason’s dad encouraged him to further his education, resulting in Jason studying under many of the greatest technicians in the world. Jason attended courses constantly, often exceeding 200 credit hours of coursework a year. He attended sessions in ceramics and smile design with Lee Culp, implants with Carl Misch, and occlusion with Pete Dawson.

With the rise of technology and the decreased dependence upon individual handwork in the industry, Jason turned his attention and learning to business operations. He became the protégé of dental laboratory industry legend Josh Green, and attended courses from the likes of Michael Treacy (‘Double Digit Growth’), and Jim Collins (‘Good to Great’, ‘How the Mighty Fall’), Lior Arussy (‘Customer Experience Strategy’) and attended the Bell Leadership Institute.

Jason rose to Executive Director of Operations with a National Dentex Corporation, his role was to oversee operations at 5 locations in three states and repair, refocus and rebuild failing business units across the company. Everything he saw led him to one conclusion: This could be done so much better.

On his time off Jason enjoys reading, movies, and spending time with his family and three dogs.